The general objective of the project ENHANCE is to fully realize and to further develop the currently existing scientific potential of the agricultural economists of the USAMV, particularly with respect to quantitative methods like modelling, simulation, econometrics as well as mixed methods research like institutional economics.

This objective will be achieved through the following specific objectives:

- to establish institutions which provide incentives to increase the quality of research and teaching as well as broaden international networks beyond the project’s life-time;

- to create the capacity for cutting edge research, through the application of targeted measures (training sessions, summer schools);

- to strengthen networking and cooperation with international research institutions, through the partnerships within the ENHANCE consortium itself, through a consequent mutual exchange of researchers and through the integration of an international, scientific advisory board;

- to raise the standards of particularly post-graduate education through the implementation of summer-schools and the exchange of post-graduate researchers;

- to implement future dissemination and funding acquisition strategies by developing a suitable communication strategy;

- to develop a system of quality assurance to monitor and measure the progress and success of the collaboration.