Within the existing structure of the Faculty, the project will help to improve the strategic planning of its work and methods to check the realisation of self-identified goals (WP1). Training sessions focusing on methodological and theoretical topics, particularly in the realm of quantitative methods, will improve the foundation for exploring research projects and providing USAMV with material for further use (WP2).

As a side effect the preparation of training material reflecting the international state of the art will also stimulate scientific excellence of the partner institutions.

Staff exchange in both directions will broaden personal networks and increase the opportunity to engage in joint research activities (WP3).

Summer schools will bring together researchers from all partner institutions and will enable the participating PhD students to deal with advanced theoretical and methodological concepts in an applied way (WP4).

These research focused activities will be accompanied by a series of workshops related to dissemination of research strategies and acquisition of third party funding as well as possibilities to participate in international seminars and conferences (WP5).

The management of the Twinning project (WP6) implies the identification of qualitative and quantitative indicators to closely monitor the progress and success of the collaboration.